Supreme Foods Franchising, Inc. (SFF) is offering a unique opportunity to invest in a franchise management/development corporation. With a proposed exit strategy for investors to participate in global expansion and several funding rounds, Supreme Foods Franchising will provide a low entry, high yield return on investment. Leveraging intellectual property, tax credits, real estate and cash flows, SFF intends to open locations worldwide creating over 1,000 jobs. With exciting brands, quick service concepts, healthy menu options and corporate training programs, SFF will provide excellent franchise options, that will help entrepreneurs build brands and create income for their family while making a difference in their community.

Capitalizing on the fast casual restaurant, $209 billion worldwide industry, SFF is an innovative concept franchisor-organization seeking investors that want to own, operate or invest in franchisees in the gourmet burger, fish and chicken industries. The Supreme Foods Franchise Holdings will include 4 models with each concept: The Strip Mall location, The Free Standing The Airport, The Hybrid as well as a food service commissary for distribution within the brand.

SFF is currently offering 5% Equity in the parent company for 1 Million USD. The minimum
investment is $500 per unit via a Reg CF campaign. The payback period is 5.0 years and
investors will participate as an owner in a holding company with a 20m USD pre money valuation.


Our strategy includes growth through mergers and acquisitions, concepts developed and run by the parent company, licensing multi-unit and territory opportunities and incorporating eSports via our hybrid model.

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Lawrence Shamsid-Deen knows a thing or two about large families. He comes from a family of four and has six children of his own. When Lawrence entered a store on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia to ask if the business was for sale, it was his first introduction to the thousands of loyal customers who would become an extension of his

own family.That store became Supreme Burger, Lawrence’s first restaurant business in Atlanta in 1978. To meet the demand for fish in the area, he changed the menu and the name to Supreme Fish Delight. Since 1980, the company has grown from humble beginnings on Auburn Avenue to a franchised operation with more than 10 restaurants throughout metropolitan Atlanta. Today, Supreme Fish Delight is more than just a restaurant with great food and service. Supreme Fish Delight is about family, customers, franchisees, and the community. Now with the second generation operating the business, Supreme Burger will become an extension of the Supreme Brand.With a team of experienced restaurateurs and professionals in legal, accounting, business development, real estate, marketing, advertising and franchising; Supreme Burger and Supreme Fish Delight will serve as two premier concepts that will grow Supreme Foods Franchising to a premier Franchise operator and QSR owner around the world!

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