Waleed Shamsid-Deen is President and CEO of Shamsid-Deen & Associates (SDA) a business management and consulting firm specializing in Government, Non-Profit and Business Management Services and President & CEO of Supreme Foods Worldwide, a family-owned franchise corporation with 11 locations in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia. Waleed has over two decades of business experience. His
drive, political savvy and keen insight for intelligent investments, has allowed him to establish numerous successful businesses and community-oriented ventures nationwide.Supreme Foods Franchising, Inc.

In the past decade, Waleed has raised millions for startup ventures and non-profit organizations nationwide. Additionally, he has served as a consultant for Athletes, Entertainers, Entrepreneursand Producers; managing and protecting their personal business and philanthropic interest.

As managing partner of ARE, Inc., an angel investment firm founded by NBA Veteran Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Waleed has helped lead its emergence in the real estate, restaurant and entertainment industries. He was co-executive producer for the hit reality show Being Bobby Brown and Producer of a theatrical production entitled Drumline Live™which brings to life the
story and experience of the Historical Black College and University marching band. His dive into the entertainment industry has led him to form relationships with media moguls Spike Lee, Robert Townsend, Polow da Don, Keri Hilson and Dallas Austin, among others. Globally, he conducts workshops and presentations on various business topics.

As Director of Operations for the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute, Waleed was instrumental in supporting the Vision, to increase the number and size of minority and women owned businesses throughout the US and Globally.
Waleed is also founder of Supreme Family Foundation., a non-profit business mentorship program for high school students. Celebrating 25 years, the mentorship program has expanded to include global cultural exchange programs and Food Insecurity.

Waleed has recently authored a book, Excellence at a Minimum: The Plight of an Entrepreneur.An avid traveler, Waleed has led academic and business delegations throughout several countries
in Africa and the Middle East.


Waleed has received the prestigious Businessman of the Year Award, the Service above SelfAward, the Rising Star Award, the Champion Award and the Young Adult of the Year Award.He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Economics from Florida A & M University and an Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Walden
University. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Waleed is married to Quiana and has five children;Lawrence, Safiyah, Siraj, Micah, Aya and the late Nya.



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Quiana M. Shamsid-Deen is the Executive Director of Supreme Family Foundation (SFF). SFF is the family non-profit 501(c)(3)organization whose mission is to educate, empower, and engage seniors and youth in the Metro Atlanta community. The foundation's primary focus is food security amongst
youth and seniors. Additionally, the foundation supports economic inequality, financial literacy and cultural exposure for youth and young adults. With
over 12 years of social services experience, Quiana has supported youth and families through various programs and organizations. Quiana has worked in
social work through the school district, Juvenile Court as a program administrator, in Foster care as an adoption specialist and child protective services for the state of Georgia.


Quiana now embarks on walking in her overall purpose as a social entrepreneur. She is part owner of Supreme Foods Worldwide which houses several entities such as Supreme Burger; a gourmet halal burger franchise, Supreme Meal Services; a meal delivery service that distributes
meals to youth and seniors, and the family foundation Supreme Family Foundation.

Her mission
is to grow a business that is intentional about community and global impact.


Quiana is currently pursuing her Doctor of Social Work from the University of Southern California, where she is focused on an innovative solution to address closing the capital gap between black-owned businesses and white-owned businesses as a path to addressing the racial wealth gap.

With Jamaican Heritage, Quiana originates from Queens NY and Danbury Ct. However, she currently resides in Atlanta GA with her husband; Waleed Shamsid-Deen, 3 bonus children; Na’im, Layla and Siraj and 2 children Micah and Aya. She also is the mother of Nya Iman Shamsid-Deen, her baby girl who obtained her wings in 2017.

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Amin Aleem has been providing project management, accounting, and financial management services to small businesses, non-profits and the government since 2000.   Amin was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force in 2004 as a Captain where he managed multiple multi-million dollar projects.  Amin provided financial management and accounting services for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service before founding Cornerstone Bookkeeping an Accounting, LLC in 2009.  Cornerstone designs and manages financial budgets, develops vendor payment strategies, establishes internal financial controls and protocols, supports audit investigations, and provides accounting
software training.  


Cornerstone currently manages over $1.5 million in annual revenues from multiple clients.  Cornerstone improves the financial health of small businesses and non-profit organizations and increases the financial consciousness of their Executive Directors through monthly reporting and analysis. 


Amin holds a BS in Chemistry from Morehouse College, a MS in Organic Chemistry and a MBA in Financial Management both from Wright State University.  He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the National Association of Black Accountants.  Amin has been married for 13 years and has 3 daughters.

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Adeidra D. Washington has over 10-years of small-business and nonprofit management experience. After obtaining her BA in Journalism from Hampton University in 2006, Ms. Washington attended Troy University where she received a Master's in Public Policy in 2011. Currently, Adeidra serves as Chief Operations Officer for Supreme Foods Worldwide, the parent company of Supreme Fish Delight, Supreme Burger, Supreme Seniors, and, Supreme Family Foundation.
For more than a decade, Adeidra has managed franchisee relations for nine Supreme Fish Delight franchisee locations through Metro- Atlanta and the newest quick-service restaurant concept Supreme Burger. Adeidra also oversees vendor relations, restaurant expansion, acquisitions, and government contracts for all profit and nonprofit Supreme brands. During the 2020 Covid pandemic, Adeidra and the Supreme Foods Worldwide executive team acquired nearly $1 million in funding through government contracts, grants, and community partnerships.





Lonnie Deadwyler is a partner and Director of Franchise Relations for Supreme Foods
worldwide, Inc. Lonnie is strategic with building relationships with our franchisees, overseeing operations, implementing efficient business practices, and striving for continuous improvement and quality assurance. Also, Lonnie is Owner of Life Game Global, a music production and management company.


Lonnie Deadwyler was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Kennedy King Community College majoring in Communications prior to pursuing
his interest In the music industry. Lonnie considers himself a serial entrepreneur with interest in food service, restaurant management, business management and real estate. With over 25 years of corporate and small business experience, Lonnie has managed people and relationships and has developed a keen ability to nurture temperaments and personalities. As a music executive, Lonnie has worked with Grammy Award Winning producers, musicians and songwriters and has been acknowledged as an industry leader. As an individual commitment to community, he has help launch and manage nonprofit organizations for entertainers and is committed to making a difference globally. Lonnie enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, and music
he has been a residence of Atlanta for over 20 years. Lonnie has received an icon award for his industry work and has appeared on several industry magazines. Lonnie has 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls and lives to build legacy for his family.

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Janelle started her professional career as a model in the fashion industry after being scouted in NYC as a teenager. She has starred in international advertising campaigns and walked the runway for a myriad of clients such as Michael Kors, Guess, Avon, L’Oreal, Saks Fifth Avenue, MTV, Elle & Cosmopolitan Magazines, Bloomingdales, Stella McCartney, BET, Essence Magazine, WB11, Inside Edition, etc. Her connections in the world of fashion and desire to express her business acumen through entrepreneurship eventually led to the creation of her marketing and consulting agency, Saint Imperial.

Saint Imperial provides growth services and consultancy to a plethora of companies ranging from Fortune 500’s such as Hewlett Packard & Chase to Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tiffany's and Avis. Janelle is currently focused on managing her portfolio and launching an innovative FinTech with her partners.

When not traveling with modeling or consulting for clients, Janelle volunteers her time and raises awareness for charities she believes in. She is passionate about eradicating poverty and believes the key lies in creating awareness.

"No one person can do everything to make the world a better place, but everyone can do something. Everyday of my life, I count my blessings and strive to utilize my success to make a positive impact. Power is useless if it doesn't uplift the powerless.